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Blue Hand Books is a collective of American Indian authors founded by Trace (DeMeyer) Hentz in 2011. We exist to help native authors define their voices and find readers. All of our authors receive 100% of their book sales.



Blue Hand Books started in 2011 when founder Trace Hentz helped her friend, John Christian Hopkins, publish his book Twilight of the Gods. Trace knew the stigma associated with self-publishing, so she began a publishing company to publish John’s books and hers. Over time, others heard about Blue Hand Books through Trace and John which lead to substantial growth for the micro-publisher. As of early 2015, we have published 11 books by six authors. Read more about the history of Blue Hand Books in this Q&A with the founder.

Our Philosophy

We exist to support indigenous authors by helping them define their voices and find readers. We are a collective of American Indian creatives who support one another throughout the writing, publishing, and selling phases of each book. As writers, editors, and designers, we create a network that works together to publish books. Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses. Together we can strengthen each other’s work.

We seek to be at the forefront of the publishing movement for indigenous peoples. The publishing industry is changing and as a result it’s easier for us as indigenous peoples to be heard. We see publishing as a megaphone. The more native authors we can support and publish means a greater impact we have as indigenous peoples in the world. Mainstream America either ignores or mythologizes native peoples. As a publisher, we seek to release the indigenous voice throughout America so that we are heard and understood.

We let our authors tell their story. We do not wish to change your story. We will offer insight and advice when needed, but we will not force an author to change plot, characters, scenes, etc., in order to be published. Our authors maintain full editorial control over their stories. With that said, we won’t publish everyone. We strive for quality in each book we publish. We will work with new authors to refine their work, but we reserve the right to walk away from a project if it doesn’t meet our standards.


How We Work

Writing: Our authors work with Trace and others in this BHB collective to define and refine their voice. We offer support during the writing phase of a book by offering advice and critiques when possible. However, each author is responsible for producing an edited and complete manuscript for publication.

Publishing: We publish ebooks and paperbacks. Our authors are ultimately responsible for their own book content. We partner with our authors to format their books for paperbacks, epub, and mobi. We will negotiate any and all fees with the author up front before publishing. We do not offer advances.

Selling: Each author receives 100% of the profits from their ebook and paperback sales. The collective will assist authors with social media shares and PR, but ultimately our authors are responsible for their own marketing. This means our authors are responsible for sending their books to reviewers and retail outlets as well as promoting their book in various places online and physically in stores, libraries, etc. If we have the resources available, we can help some authors get started with promotion. However, potential authors shouldn’t rely on that.

What Next?

Contact us. Let us know what you’re working on and if you’d like to be considered for publication. We require a completed manuscript before we talk publication. However, we are available as a support system during the writing process. Contact us even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe we can help.

If you have a completed manuscript, please send a synopsis of your book. Include important plot points as well as the ending in your synopsis. Also include a phone number and best times for contact. We’ll go from there.

Are you an American Indian author, editor, designer, or marketer? Will you offer your services either voluntarily or at reduced rates for new indigenous authors? Get in touch with us. We’re looking for more creatives to add as mentors.

[Authors create their own account with CreateSpace on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook. Trace uses Pressbooks in Montreal for pre-press formatting.]

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